03 November 2014


YAYR -- Yet another yawning reader.
But wait, could there be something interesting, some little hint that might make my own sooper-dooper-teenie-weenie-shocker-docker meatballs even better? Let's see.
The minced meat
beef? pork? lamb? poultry? mixed? greasy-fatty? lean'n dry? boiled (yes, boiled)?
The onions
raw? white? red? prefried? deep prefried?
The bread
whitebread? drybread? breadcrumbs? water soaked? milk soaked? Not soaked at all?
The egg
One? Two? Three? Four? more?
The garlic
yes? no?
The spices
salt? black pepper? nutmeg? paprika? herbs?
The breading
breadcrumbs? flour? chopped nuts?
The size
tiny? small? egg-sized? baseball-size (whooooaaaah, that's American, English prefer tennisball-size)? Or whatever in between a quail-egg and a strutsimuna (ostrich-egg)?

So you likely have realized by now that apart from the seasoning there are probably more ways to prepare meatballs than vägar bär till Rom. Recently I haved fried the chopped onion first before I added them to the meat. I use the same pan, so there is some grease already in the pan from frying the onions. Thus, I do not take too fatty ground meats, fifteen percent fat or less. I tend to make small sizes, like a table-tennis ball (come on, you know that is a ping-pong ball). And I roll the ready formed meatball in ordinary breadcrumbs from the supermarket.

What I have tried recently is an oriental seasoning with cumin seed, cinnamon, chili, turmeric and caraway. Some meat spice mixture, I bought somewhere in Afrika, don't ask me, what it consists of, went to another flavour of meatballs.

So you see, my recipe for meatballs makes you 365 days a year a different food.


Anna von Bruun schrieb:

Nicole, rastan porkkanaa lihapullataikinaan jotta niistä tulisivat mehukkaita. Try it! Kiitos hyvästä kalakeitosta!

06 Dezember 2014 um 02:36

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